Monday, February 27, 2012

Good Baits For Catching Bass

What are good baits for catching bass?

First let me say I didn't always catch the big hawgs you see on this page. I knew they were out there but just never seem to get one hooked up or even bite my offering. I always thought I was using good baits for catching bass but just seemed to never hook one up.  One day I decided to find out why I wasn't putting those big fish in the boat, and how to get them to bite. That started a learning experience that has helped me immensely to improve my catch. Want to know what I did? Read on.

11.18 pounds - Black Sapphire Lizard
You can talk to any given number of anglers and they will each give you a different answer as to what their good baits for catching bass are. Also their opinions will differ on choice of baits given a certain time of year. Perhaps they may even agree on a particular bait, but may differ on the color or manufacture brand of the bait.

Guess what....They are all correct, because really they are all good baits for catching bass. These are really the lures they have the most confidence in. Every angler through trial and error, and experiences, will gravitate to a select handful of baits they will use over and over. All are good baits for catching bass. These are the baits that have, for one reason or another,  produce for them time and time again. It's rally more of a confidence factor than the bait itself..

I fish a good bit and do fish many local tournaments. For years I would barely throw a spinner type bait, or even had one tied on. They just would not produce for me. In truth it really wasn't the bait at all but my lack of confidence in using the bait for any length of time.  I knew they were good baits for catching bass as they produced so well for others. Because of that I knew I needed to add a spinner to my lure selection.

9.51 pounds - Watermellon/red Lake Fork Craw
I began to read more articles and books about using spinners and purposely planed fishing trips with others I knew used spinners a lot. I gained the knowledge necessary to use them. I began to use one more and more and today it's one of my top producing lures given certain conditions. In fact I won my last tournament on a white double willow leaf Terminator spinner, and it's the only bait I caught fish on that day including a 5.5 and 4.5 pound fish.

So really the keys to catching more bass are really not so much the lure but the knowledge of a basses habits and what really triggers a bass to take what you are offering. Those are the things that separate those that are bringing in boatloads of bass and others that struggle to even get a bite.

I'm constantly improving my presentation and learning new techniques. I read books, magazines, and anything else I can do to improve my knowledge of bass habits. There isn't just one but many good bait for catching bass. It's more related to what you know and when to use that lure or technique.
10.66 pounds - Black/brown/amber jig

The key to improving your fishing success is the knowledge you obtain on the water and off. So how do I gain the knowledge that will put me ahead of the pack without years of perfecting my skills? Read and learn, then go apply that information on the lake. That's what I did and as you can see, it paid off.

Best Wishes and Good Fishing.

When you are ready to take your bass fishing to the next level then take a look at these resources.

Drop-Shot Secrets Revealed : A Technique For All Occasions   (DVD)
Great technique especially for deep water lakes.

Bass Fishing Top to Bottom with Rick Clunn   (DVD)
 Rick Clunn shows you how to become a more successful bass fisherman. You'll see graphic demonstrations on topwater, midwater and bottomwear techniques for finding fish and making fish strike in all situations. Whether you are beginner or pro, this tape is packed with fishing action and proven techniques for catching more bass.

Bass Location Secrets DVD   (DVD)
 Get on the fish every time out. Find fish in new water, changing environments, clear or dark water, and in early season. Tournament strategies on how to develop patterns and adapt to changing conditions. Big Bass Fun!

Secrets of a Champion: Bass Superstar Reveals His Winning Tips   (BOOK)
 Pro angler VanDam pro details how he chooses and customizes lures, where he fishes them, tricks for getting stubborn bass to strike, and his strategy for refining lure presentations under difficult fishing conditions. The book also includes a cast-by-cast account of his strategy for winning the 2001 BASS Masters Classic.

Finesse Bass Tactics DVD  (DVD)
A little finesse can mean a lot more bass. Finesse Bass gives you an arsenal of tactics when you're faced with tough conditions. The best jig/bait combos for cold water bass, clear water tubing tips, deep weed dynamite, wacky worming and more!  A must learn approach for high pressure lakes!

Largemouth Bass Extreme     Click Here to view Largemouth Bass Extreme
You will learn from the basics... good baits for bass..... Lures to use for a specific situation, which not to use, when you should NOT abandon an area that you normally would have, the best Locations and proper technique to use for that specific location.....Great value with 7 bonus gifts added to the order.


One more thing that is extremely important and I can't it emphasize enough.  KEEP A LOG!
After every trip to the lake set down on your computer or write in a notebook  your success or not so good day on the water. Just jot down the date, weather and water conditions and temperatures,
time you caught the fish and how you caught them.

I also jot down things I could have done to make that trip better, even if I have a fantastic day. This will become invaluable in the years to come.

Tight lines....and remember....A bad day on the water beats a good day in the office anytime. :)


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